Press Department


Bindery Equipment

Press Department
Komori Lithrone 628 1-20" x 28" 6 color + Coater
Komori Lithrone 628 with automatic plate
chager quality print control
Heidelberg kors 1-20" x 28" 1 color Heidelberg kors
Didie (MVP-XE) 1-11" x 17" Didie web press
AB Dick 9910 x CS 1-11" x 17" 2 color AB Dick
Xerox Docutech Nuvera 144 EA / Digital Copier/Printer
Xerox Docucolor 5000 12" x 19"
Docucolor 250  

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Screen Thermal Plate Recorder (C.T.P) Plate Rite 8000 PT-R 8000
Screen Access Film Processor 1-LD-T 1100
Screen Drum Type Recorder 1-DT-R3075
Screen Digital Color Drum Scanner 1-DT-S1045Ai
Screen Taiga System  
Screen HQ RIP 1-PTR 8000 HQ-RIP
Kodak Approval Digital Color Imager  
Kodak Approval Laminator  
Dupont Water Proof System  
Fuji-Plate Processor 1-N 860D
Theimer Montakopmulti Plate Burner  
Mac-G-5 and Mac Pro Computers  
AB Dick Digital Plate Master 1-DPM 2340
AB Dick Scan Master  
Epson Rip Station 5000 1-Style Pro 5000
Epson Ultrachrome Color Proofing Machine Epson Stylus PRO 7600
Gcc Technologies Laser Printer Elite XL 20/8000

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Perfect Binder GS Horizon Book Binder 1-BQ-440  
Beseler Shrink Wrap Machine T-15-12  
Saddle Stitch Duplo System 5000  
Duplo Ducreaser DC 445  
Saddle Stitch Omnibider  
Wire Binding Station  
Wire Punch Station TBI Lhermite EX 380  
Bourg Modulen Collator  
Polar 115  
Docucutter 660  
MBO Folding Inposition Machine Formax Fsd 6600
Formax FD6202
Mail Insert Machine 8500 Franco TYP Postalia

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